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🌟 Welcome to the SHINE Experience: Unleash Your Inner Magic! 🌟

We're thrilled to have you here, and we're ready to embark on an incredible journey together. At SHINE, our mission is to empower beautiful souls like you to release those pesky mindset blocks and turn your dreams into reality with the magic within you. So, let's kick things off by asking a simple question:

"What would make your soul SHINE?"

No matter where you've been or what's happened in your past, this moment is your opportunity to reclaim your future. Imagine shedding the weight of negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you, and effortlessly manifesting the life you've always envisioned.

You've got big dreams, the kind that set your soul on fire, but perhaps you've struggled with consistent action. Well, the time for that struggle is over. You deserve to let go of stress, overwhelm, and anything else that dims your shine. It's time to uncover those hidden (and not-so-hidden) mindset blocks and make them vanish with your innate magic.

To support you on this transformative journey, we've curated a treasure trove of goodies in our SHINE Vault. From our favorite freebies to guided meditations (even hypnosis!), and all the way to certification courses that will empower you to share our magic with your clients, loved ones, and most importantly, with yourself.

So, welcome to the SHINE family! We are profoundly grateful that you've chosen us to be a part of your journey. Together, we'll unmask your inner radiance, ignite your dreams, and watch your soul truly SHINE.

Thank you for taking this remarkable step towards a brighter future.

With love and empowerment,

Bren Jones - Founder of SHINE

Available Products

Gifting Suite

Thank you for hanging out with us!

We love giving you gifts!!! And as we create them, they will all be right here, easy for you to find and implement in your life!

And feel free to stop in often as new surprises may await your next visit!

Learn NLP Free

Are you ready to learn how your mind works for you? To finally know why you say you want one thing and do another? It's not self-sabotage... It's far more simple than that.

Begin your NLP journey right here.

All you need to invest is your time... and you're worth it.

For more info, visit or come hang in our FB community

Master the Moment

Release the past that holds you back. Reclaim your energy from out in the future. Get back into NOW as you move from reaction to intention when you learn to Master the Moment!

90-day Q4 Goal-Getter

Many people look at the final 90 days of the year... "Q4"... and see how little time there is left. They judge themselves for what they didn't accomplish or even take action on.

But you're different.

You see 90 days and know that you can create massive movement towards your dreams... As long as you get focused on what you really want. Here's to your massive success!

And while you're here, make sure you grab all the other free gifts HERE!

Manifestation Money Map

What if that money goal is so much easier to reach than you think?

And what if you could simply input your products/services and your prices and instantly see your potential income?

What if a single worksheet could do all the heavy lifting for you... and do all the math?!

Grab your Manifestation Money Map and activate your inner superpowers to reach your income goals... and more!

And because I'm me... I added a few powerful bonuses in there too!

Neuro-Energetics PRACTITIONER Certification: NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, TIME Techniques, EFT, and Reiki

What could you do if you stopped getting in your own way? How much more could your clients make if you could help them make the deeper shifts to do the same?

Click the button and learn more about the SEVEN certifications included in this course!

Life and Success Coach Certification

Are you looking to become a coach?

This course is just one of the 7 certificates you will receive when you become a certified NLP and Neuro-Energetics Practitioner!

Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification

Are you looking to become a certified hypnotherapist? This course is included in our NLP Practitioner Training!

It is not currently offered as a stand-alone training.

Neuro-Energetics MASTER PRACTITIONER: NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, TIME Techniques, Reiki

Are you an NLP Practioner?

Do you want to learn the magic of conversational change?

How can you help your clients reach their dreams when you have the skills to do a deep-dive VIP breakthrough session that goes all the way to the roots of their problems?

Master Practitioner certification awaits!

Trainer Success System

Updated: 10/16/22

Access your Trainer Success System and Master Trainer Development Program files and trainings.

Portal for TSS/MTDP members only! All materials contained within are licensed for your personal use.

Ho'oponopono - A meditation for forgiveness

You have an energetic connection with everyone you've ever interacted with. This process will allow you to reclaim your energy through the powerful forgiveness process of Ho'oponopono.

Stress Away - Guided Hypnosis / Meditation

Sit back... relax... and close your eyes as you drift into a place where stress releases from all areas of your body to be replaced by a deep sense of relaxation...

Prosperity - Guided Hypnosis / Meditation

Prosperity and abundance are already yours!

It's time to release any subconscious blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your vision board life!

Release Anxious Thoughts - Guided Hypnosis / Meditation

You deserve a life of bliss. Use this guided meditation to release the anxious thoughts that prevent you from living in that peace and relaxation.

Whether they are few and far between or they seem to never take a break, you have the ability to quiet that voice and shift those feelings so that you can face each day with clear and empowering thoughts when you release those anxious thoughts now.

Confidence - Guided Hypnosis / Meditation

What would you accomplish if you had the confidence to take action?

Turn your "I can'ts" into "I cans" by harnessing your inner super powers and step solidly into your confidence today.

Motivation - Guided Hypnosis / Meditation

Some days you're ready to take on the world... and others you have to drag yourself out of bed.

Start getting consistent results when you use this recording to get consistent motivation!

Activate Your Learning Superpowers

Maybe it's been a while since you've been in school. Maybe school wasn't "your thing." Or maybe you just want tap into the learning superpowers you didn't know you have.

Learn how to learn by activating the most powerful parts of you!

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